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MGMP before the Court of Justice against German cars manufacturers' monopolistic position

MGMP defends before the Court of Justice the independent companies' right to produce wheel rims identical to German cars manufacturers' ones

The so-called repair clause allows the production of replicas of component parts of complex products for the purpose of the repair of the complex products so as to restore their original appearance.
German car manufacturers refuse the application of the repair clause to alloy wheel rims, in the effort to maintain a monopolistic position affecting independent producers, resellers and consumers' interests.
As German car manufacturers brought several legal actions across the EU against an Italian producer in order to prevent the marketing of its replica wheel rims, MGMP has requested, and the Court of Appeal of Milan has granted, the reference for a preliminary ruling before the Court of Justice, seeking a judgment which shall be binding for national courts on a essential matter concerning the principles of free movement of goods and free competition. MGMP will also coordinate a proceedings originated by a request for a preliminary ruling submitted by the German Bundesgerichtshof.
MGMP senior partner: Francesco Munari.

MGMP selected as external expert counsel for the European Parliament

April 2016: following a tender procedure started in 2015, MGMP and the European Parliament (Directorate-General Internal Policies of the Union) have executed a framework contract for the provision of external expertise on judicial cooperation in civil matters, including procedural law and private international law, in favour of the Parliament's Committee on Legal Affairs. MGMP senior partner: Francesco Munari.

MGMP at the Chamber of Deputies

15 March 2016: Anna Maria Panfili takes part in the hearing by the Chambers of Deputies' Commission of Justice about the draft law on the regulation of homosexual civil partnerships.
icona-pdf [webtv.camera.it][webtv.camera.it]

MGMP legal advisor of the Iranian PMO

2016: MGMP will assist the Iranian Port and Maritime Organization (PMO) as legal advisor in the process of privatization of the two container terminals in the port of Bandar Abbas, the main Iranian port. PMO is the public authority in charge of port and maritime management in the Islamic Republic of Iran. MGMP will be teaming with the German advisor Pro-Tein, which will provide its assistance on the economic and financial aspects. MGMP senior partner: Francesco Munari; associate: Alessandro Dona.

Council of State's decision in favour of LSCT and La Spezia Port Authority

6 November 2015: MGMP successfully assists La Spezia Container Terminal s.p.a. (LSCT, a company of Contship Italia Group) in the litigation brought by former concession-holders of public port domain against La Spezia Port Authority, meant to prevent the delivery of port areas to LSCT. The Council of State fully endorsed all legal arguments put forward by MGMP in its defence and clarified that Italian law has not statutorily extended the duration of concessions within port areas and such an extension would be anyway in contrast with European law. The claimants shall therefore move to other port areas and LSCT shall carry on with the works required for the development of its container terminal.

icona-pdf [www.cittadellaspezia.it, 6 November 2015]

Transfer of Reefer Terminal and VIO

August 2015: MGMP assists GF Porterm (GF Group terminal subholding) in the transfer of the controlling stake of VIO Interporto di Vado – Intermodal Operator in favour of the Savona Port Authority, as well as in the transfer of the shares held in Reefer Terminal, the company managing the refrigerated container terminal in the Port of Vado, in favour of APM Terminals BV, and in the negotiation of several contracts related to this latter. MGMP reference partners are Francesco Munari and Andrea Blasi, assisted by Matteo Rossini, associate.
icona-pdf [The MediTelegraph, August 8th, 2015][The MediTelegraph, August 8th, 2015]