The Enforcement of Securities Law in Europe

On 25 March 2013 Professor Paolo Giudici talks about "The Enforcement of Securities Law in Europe" to the LLM students of the course on securities regulation held by Professor Luca Enriques at the Harvard Law School.

Adolescents and parents

On 18 March 2013 in Genoa Anna Maria Panfili introduces "Rights of children and rights of parents" at the X Course of Adolescentology "Adolescents' health needs: where to look for and how understand them".

Inadmissible Appeal

On 15 March 2013 in Genoa, Alessandra Maniglio Pezzotti introduces "Inadmissible Appeal" at the conference "Inadmissible claims after recent reforms".

Labour Law

On 4 February 2013 in Genoa, Alessandra Maniglio Pezzotti is speaker at the conference "Labour Law: which rights?" organized by the Association of Labour Consultants of Genoa and by ANCL, the National Association of Labour Consultants.

Corporate Reports

On 31 January 2013 Professor Giudici lectures about corporate governance reports at the business conference organized by Paradigma.

Company Law and Corporate Governance

On 23 January 2013 Professor Paolo Giudici introduces the European Commission's Action Plan on Company Law and Corporate Governance, discussing "Diversity on Boards".

See the programme.See the programme.