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Economic regulation and antitrust law

Markets’ and business activity’s regulation stems from a complex set of rules, often of EU origin, in which public and private law profiles intertwine, demanding from professionals high multidisciplinary and specialist skills. In addition to the activity of consultancy and litigation, a significant part of the work concerns relations with European or national authorities.

Reference partners:

  • Francesco Munari: antitrust law and state aid to companies; environmental, waste and renewable energy law; local public services law; port and transport infrastructure law.
  • Paolo Giudici: antitrust law; banking law; financial markets law.
  • Paolo Terrile: antitrust law.
  • Emanuela Baj: public contracts; concessions.
  • Alessandra Gesino: food law; environmental and waste law.
  • Andrea Blasi: environmental, waste and renewable energy law; port and transport infrastructure law.
Business and commercial law

Expertise in business and commercial law naturally complements expertise in economic regulation. The Firm operates in the field of corporate law, for SMEs and larger companies, with significant experience in acquisition and finance transactions, in the regulation of listed companies, and in debt restructuring processes. A group of professionals is also active in the field of start-ups and fintech.
The Firm operates also in the area of international commercial and financing contracts, as well as maritime market contracts. In these areas, some members of the Firm have extensive experience as arbitrators.

Reference partners:

  • Francesco Munari: M&A; commercial contracts; maritime and aeronautical law; commercial arbitrations.
  • Paolo Giudici: corporate law; law of listed companies and financial intermediaries; corporate governance; corporate finance and public offerings, banking and financial contracts, startups and venture capital.
  • Alessandra Maniglio Pezzotti: company transfers, commercial contracts, event organisation, service contracts and consultancy in the business management of such contracts.
  • Paolo Terrile: corporate law; M&A; commercial contracts; maritime law.
  • Andrea Blasi: M&A; commercial contracts; maritime and aeronautical law.
  • Emanuela Baj: ship contracts; ship sale and purchase, corporate responsibility (Legislative Decree no. 231/2001).
  • Alessandra Gesino: commercial contracts; maritime law; service and work contracts.
Insolvency Law and Debt Restructuring

The Firm has extensive experience on insolvency and debt restructuring law issues, in particular in assisting debtors and creditors in bankruptcy proceedings (composition agreements, extraordinary administration, bankruptcy proceedings), debt restructuring operations (art. 67 and art. 182-bis bankruptcy law), turnaround, distressed M&A and insolvency litigation.
In particular, the Firm has gained significant experience in assisting distressed investment funds and foreign corporate clients in litigation against companies under extraordinary administration, asset purchase transactions, and bankruptcy arrangements.

Reference professional:
• Eugenio Bissocoli

Transport law

The Firm operates in the field of transport law (maritime, road, rail and aeronautical, and multimodal), has among its clients important Italian, foreign and multinational companies in the sector, and is considered one of the most important Italian firms in this area of law. It provides all main advisory services and assistance in legal proceedings of a judicial or arbitral nature, or before independent authorities.
Francesco Munari is also a member of the board of the Italian Centre of Excellence for Integrated Logistics (CIELI), board member of the European Maritime Law Organization (EMLO), member of the board of S.I.PO.TRA. – Società Italiana di POlitica dei TRAsporti, the Italian Transport Policy Society and of the Italian Association of Maritime Law (AIDIM).

Reference partners:

  • Francesco Munari
  • Paolo Terrile
  • Andrea Blasi
Labour law

The Firm offers advisory and litigation activities throughout Italy in the labour sector, in all its areas, including privatised public employment. In particular, we provide ongoing advice and assistance to private employers in the management of human resources (from the drafting of employment or self-employment contracts, to the proper management of the relationship, disciplinary proceedings, termination of relationships), in trade union negotiations and in the management of industrial relations. The Firm assists clients in all processes that touch on interdisciplinary areas at the crossroads of commercial and company law, privacy, safety at work and the administrative liability of entities pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 231/2001.

Reference partner:

  • Alessandra Maniglio Pezzotti: labour and industrial relations law, accident prevention and privacy, liability of companies pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 231/2001, privatized public employment.
Civil law

The Firm assists individuals in the classic areas of civil law, including the protection of possession, property and rights in rem, condominium law, obligations and contracts. The Firm has a significant experience in the management of disputes concerning insurance law and civil liability (third party liability, medical liability).

Reference partners:

  • Alessandra Maniglio Pezzotti: contracts and civil liability.
  • Anna Maria Panfili: civil law; succession.
  • Emanuela Baj: civil law; succession.
  • Alessandra Gesino: civil law; insurance contracts and civil liability.
Family law and fundamental rights

The Italian Constitution is inspired by the personalist principle; therefore the person and the family – the first important intermediate body in society – are subjects to whom the law looks with respect and attention, within the national and international framework of protection of inviolable human rights. The Firm deals with this important aspect of clients’ lives, with a consolidated experience in the field of civil law of individuals and family, protection of minors and incapacitated people, Italian citizenship and hereditary successions.

Reference partner:

  • Anna Maria Panfili

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