The Chamber of Deputies approves the appropriate agenda to allocate up to 10 million Euros to each Port System Authority

With agenda no. 93 of 9 July 2020, the Chamber of Deputies confirmed that, in application of art. 199, paragraph 8 of the legislative decree. 199/2020 (“Re-launch Decree”), the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport may authorise each Italian Port System Authority to use up to 10 million Euros of its surplus in order to offset the reductions in concession fees paid by port state concessionaires, as provided for in paragraph 1(a) of the above-mentioned Article 199, as measures aimed at tackling the situation of decline in port traffic caused by the Covid-19 epidemic.
This is an important clarification on the scope of application of the regulation in question and will allow the individual Port System Authorities to safeguard their budgetary autonomy as much as possible. On this point, the interpretation adopted by the aforementioned agenda is consistent with the conclusions set out in the opinion pro veritate issued by MGMP to the Italian Port & Terminal Operators Association (Assiterminal), which was immediately involved in discussions with the Ministry of Infrastructures and Transport for the purposes of the correct application of art. 199 of the Relaunch Decree.

[Read the article – Shipmag, 09 luglio 2020]

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